Techniques in creating great cross platform apps.

Thursday 27 July 2017

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Techniques in creating great cross platform apps.

Apps aren't just for phones and tablets anymore, you'll often need to target a variety of platforms and form factors from iPhones to Xboxes. How do we architect our solutions to maximize code reuse in a sane manner? Can we favor composition over inheritance all the way through our technology stack?

In this session you'll learn about the myriad mechanisms to share your C# (or F#!) code across all platforms using Xamarin, including the new options presented by Visual Studio 2017 and .NET Core, such as multi-targeting.

You'll see demos in C# on how to level up from a view model per screen, to using conductors to orchestrate multiple view models working together. We'll cover composing view models to create reusable screen patterns such as Master / Details while keeping your code more flexible, maintainable and testable.


Thursday 27 July 2017

Gather for food and drinks at 5:45 PM
Presentation starting at 6:10 PM

Staff Study Centre Lounge
Study Centre Building
Massey University Albany Campus

  • Catch up with North Shore .NET User Group members.
  • Have a bit of Pizza and a refreshment.
  • Come listen to Nigels talk.
  • Be in to win a door Prize.


Our speaker is:

Nigel Sampson

Nigel Sampson

Nigel Sampson is a Senior Engineer at Pushpay here in Auckland and has been developing mobile apps for the last four years. He's looks after the Caliburn.Micro MVVM open source project and is a Microsoft MVP for Windows Client development.







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