ASP.NET MVC web applications and Microsoft Azure.

Thursday 31 March 2016

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ASP.NET MVC web applications and Microsoft Azure.

Are you involved with an ASP.NET MVC web application running on Microsoft Azure? Then this talk is for you!

After many months of learning more about designing, developing and operating ASP.NET MVC systems for Microsoft Azure, this talk will briefly summarize the overall approach and then move into a select topics in greater details.

We'll present and discuss topics around ASP.NET MVC applications, challenges when designing your system, session management in a service-oriented design with Fluent NHibernate and we will throw in for good measure a bunch of tips and tricks for working with ASP.NET technologies and tools. This includes also less common techniques like RazorGenerator which compiles views at compile time, or using Moq as part of the production system.

If you are using or consider to use ASP.NET MVC, Fluent Migrator, Fluent NHibernate, AutoMapper, Autofac, RazorGenerator, Code Contracts, Mustache, Quartz, refactoring your automated tests for controllers and services, operational or commercial metrics for your application, then come along, learn from others and chip in your experience.


Thursday 31 March 2016

Gather for food and drinks at 5:45 PM
Presentation starting at 6:10 PM

Staff Study Centre Lounge
Study Centre Building
Massey University Albany Campus

  • Catch up with North Shore .NET User Group members.
  • Have a bit of Pizza and a refreshment.
  • Come listen to Manfred's talk about ASP.NET MVC and Microsoft Azure.


Our speaker is:

Manfred Lange

Manfred Lange

Manfred Lange is managing director of Agile Utilities, a company providing services to start-ups and small to medium sized business regarding all technical aspects of scalable cloud-based solutions including mobile clients. Manfred has over 20 years’ experience in software development in various roles including engineering manager, technical director, program manager, project manager, consultant, and architect. He has worked with a range of companies of different size across industries including retail, network management, smart cards, utilities, legal industry, print industry, test and measurement, and medial industry. He has been a speaker and has published papers on various subjects including agile methodologies, cloud computing, object oriented databases, design patterns, and similar more. His experiences with agile methodologies reaches back to 1999 and he has been using Microsoft technologies since 1990. Manfred holds a bachelor degree with honours in industrial engineering. In his spare time he volunteers at his local family sailing club assisting children learn to sail.








Here are a couple of articles that explain the technique of using Partial Views in a Single-Page application manner:

  • Simplifying Single-Page Applications with ASP.NET MVC Partial Views. link
  • Integrating Updates, Deletes and Inserts with TypeScript and ASP.NET MVC. link

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