A Practical Tour of an Azure Development Environment

Thursday 24 April 2014

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A Practical Tour of an Azure Development Environment

This talk will demonstrate an example of a development environment for Microsoft Azure covering aspects like tools, technologies, processes, and system design. Drawing from real-life experience working with startups and small to medium size companies Manfred will cover important subjects including selecting appropriate tools, setting up a minimal automated release process, options for useful technologies, and how to design your system for zero-downtime upgrades.

How do you use different types of cloud storage? How do you roll out schema migrations? How do you start with a simple design but leave the door open for massive scalability if needed? How do you know your cloud application is running? How do you support mobile devices while postponing native mobile apps to later when you have a clearer picture? What cloud resources should you look at first, which ones can you prioritize for later? What choices do you have for security and is role-based security sufficient? How do you organize your solution, projects, and files?

This Tour of a development environment for Azure gives you an overview and provide practical recommendations for fast-tracking your first steps towards using the full potential of Microsoft Azure.


Thursday 24 April 2014

Gather for food and drinks at 5:45 PM
Presentation starting at 6:10 PM

Staff Study Centre Lounge
Study Centre Building
Massey University Albany Campus

  • Catch up with North Shore .NET User Group members.
  • Have a bit of Pizza and a refreshment.
  • There is a O'Reilly Book Voucher to be won.
  • Discover a development environment for Microsoft Azure covering aspects like tools, technologies, processes, and system design.


Our speaker is:

Manfred Lange

Manfred Lange

Manfred Lange is managing director of Agile Utilities, a company providing services to start-ups and small to medium sized business regarding all technical aspects of scalable cloud-based solutions including mobile clients. Manfred has over 20 years’ experience in software development in various roles including engineering manager, technical director, program manager, project manager, consultant, and architect. He has worked with a range of companies of different size across industries including retail, network management, smart cards, utilities, legal industry, print industry, test and measurement, and medial industry. He has been a speaker and has published papers on various subjects including agile methodologies, cloud computing, object oriented databases, design patterns, and similar more. His experiences with agile methodologies reaches back to 1999 and he has been using Microsoft technologies since 1990. Manfred holds a bachelor degree with honours in industrial engineering. In his spare time he volunteers at his local family sailing club assisting children learn to sail.








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