Team Billboarders - User Experience Application

Thursday 24 October 2013

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Team Billboarders - User Experience Application

After a 48 hour straight code fest at Datacomp, Team Billboarders reigned supreme and took out the top spot producing a fantastically slick retail Bill Board application integrated to both CRM & Facebook using Microsoft Kinect.

Datacomp was a competition where the objective was to create an innovative motion-sensing & interactive application using LeapMotion or Microsoft Kinect. Teams had 48 hours to develop an application using one of these technologies and present to judges to try and take out the top spot.

Team Billboarders in space of 48 hours managed to get through a huge amount of design, development & integration work to produce an end-to-end enterprise ready solution for the retail space. During our presentation, we’ll show how we used C#, the Kinect SDK, a simple PHP website, Facebook Graph, and CRM integration (using a simple internet facing web service) to build an application that will allow us to gather information from a user experience in the app and make it available inside an enterprise grade system such as CRM.


Thursday 24 October 2013

Gather for food and drinks at 5:45 PM
Presentation starting at 6:10 PM

Staff Study Centre Lounge
Study Centre Building
Massey University Albany Campus

  • Catch up with North Shore .NET User Group members.
  • Have a bit of Pizza and a refreshment.
  • Learn about SOLID.


Our speaker is:

Team Billboarders

 Team Billboarders

The team is made up of the following from the Microsoft Solutions division of Datacom:

  • Daniel Imamura (CRM Tech Lead)
  • Joshua Wilkinson (CRM Consultant)
  • Mayra Martho (SharePoint Developer)
  • Hemant Basaiwala (CRM Developer)
  • Victor Sun (CRM Developer)
  • Hady Osman (Developer – Digital Experience)

Joshua Wilkinson will be the presenter.







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