Building Metro Style apps for Windows 8

Thursday 26 July 2012

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Building Metro Style apps for Windows 8

Nigel Parker is involved the launch of New Zealand’s first Metro Style applications for the Windows 8 Store.

Come to this session to learn about building Metro Style apps for Windows 8, how you can get your apps published and learn about Nigel’s own experience porting his On Sale in New Zealand app from Windows Phone to Windows 8.


Thursday 26 July 2012

Gather for food and drinks at 5:45 PM
Presentation starting at 6:10 PM

Seminar Room 3 (QB3)
Quadrangle Building B
Massey University Albany Campus

  • Catch up with North Shore .NET User Group members.
  • Have a bit of Pizza and a refreshment.
  • Find out about Metro style apps.


Our speaker is:

Nigel Parker

Nigel Parker

Nigel Parker ( is a technical evangelist working for Microsoft New Zealand. Nigel lives by three guiding principles curiosity, creativity and fun. He has always had an interest in technology and development. Since a very young age he has taken things apart to see how they work, the first application that he developed was in BASIC on his VIC 20 in the early 1980’s. He believes that technology should complement and not be a hindrance to human interaction.

Nigel has 15 years of experience working with creative New Zealand developers, start-ups, game developers, top websites and media companies to implement cutting edge web, video and app solutions. He’s motivated by big ideas and smart unconventional execution and challenges himself and others to fail fast and drive forward innovation.

Nigel graduated from the University of Auckland with an honors degree in technology and psychology. He has an entrepreneurial background having co-founded two New Zealand technology companies. He took some risks and broke some new ground during the first “.com” bubble and was one of the few that despite losing money didn’t lose heart for the unrealized potential of the tech industry.







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