Auckland Global Windows Azure BootCamp 2014


Welcome to GWAB from Scott Hanselman, Nir Mashkowski, Mark Russinovich, Mingfei Yan, Mark Brown and Corey Sanders! Watch the Video.

Today is the big day. We can be heros, just for one day!


Please ensure that you download everything BEFORE you arrive at the Bootcamp – there won’t be time to do this on the day.



Maybe meet for a beer afterwards?

Wi-Fi and Ethernet

There is an Ethernet cable for all attendees.

Wi-Fi is also available for those that can not connect by cable. The credentials will be published on the wall.

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Charity Lab

The lab is based around deploying a Windows Azure Cloud Service package. This package contains a worker role which will do all the diabetes information number crunching. This so-called minion will be our guest of the day. And as with all minions, they need to come in large numbers!

Building and Publishing ASP.NET Applications with Windows Azure Web Sites and Visual Studio 2012

In this hands-on lab, you will explore the basic elements of the Windows Azure Web Sites service by creating a simple ASP.NET MVC 4 application, which uses scaffolding to automatically generate the baseline of your application's CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete). Then, you will deploy it using Web Deploy from Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and Git commit.

See the comments about GitHub below.

Introduction to Building Windows Store Apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services - Win JS

Learn how you can leverage Visual Studio 2012 and Windows Azure Mobile Services to add structured storage, push notifications and integrated authentication to your Windows Store applications.


Training Kit on GitHub

Note – requires Windows 8

Introduction to Building Windows Store Apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services - XAML

learn how you can leverage Visual Studio 2012 and Windows Azure Mobile Services to add structured storage, push notifications and integrated authentication to your Windows Store applications.


Training Kit on GitHub

Note – requires Windows 8

Managing Virtual Machines with the Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets

Understand the capabilities of automating the deployment and management of virtual machines in Windows Azure

Connecting a PaaS application to an IaaS Application with a Virtual Network

Create a Virtual Machine with SQL Server installed using Windows Azure Management Portal. Then you will modify and deploy a sample Web application to a new Cloud Service. By the end, you will communicate the Cloud Service and the SQL Server Virtual Machine through a Virtual Network

.NET Multi-Tier Application Using Service Bus Queues

Build and run the multi-tier application in a Windows Azure Cloud Service. The front end will be an ASP.NET MVC web role and the back end will be a worker-role. You could create the same multi-tier application with the front end as a web project that would be deployed to a Windows Azure Web Site instead of a cloud service.


You will need Git for “Building and Publishing ASP.NET Applications with Windows Azure Web Sites and Visual Studio 2012”. Click here to visit the download site.

If you do not like working from the command line then install both git and either tortoisegit or Git for Windows. You do need to install Git first before installing one of these interfaces.

To make the process during the lab go smoother it is recommended you deploy a .gitignore file.

Global Sponsors

GWAB 2014 Global Sponsors

Being a global event, we have also managed to secure some global sponsors. A short description of our major global sponsors follows:

Sponsor Description


Create and host your own NuGet feeds with your own packages and those from other package sources such as For those doing continuous builds this service will make their lives much easier.


Makers of some of the best development productivity tools out there. They create ReSharper, a Visual Studio productivity tool, as well as many other .NET products and IDEs for Ruby, PHP and more.

Blue Syntax

A company focusing on data challenges in the cloud, Blue Syntax has a line of products to help cloud adoption by making those challenges easy. They have tools like Enzo Back up to back up your Azure SQL Database, Azure Table Storage and even run database scripts on a schedule. Recently they have announced Enzo Unified which lets you query various cloud sources (including Twitter and Azure Tables) using TSQL.


Infragistics is one of the leading development UI control and tools companies. They have controls for Windows, iOS and Android, as well as testing tools.


Opsgility provides training for Windows Azure. Get trained by some of the folks who have actually worked at Microsoft with the product teams. They offer online and custom courses.


Cerebrata (owned by Red Gate software) creates tools for Azure developers. Azure Management Studio help you organize your storage accounts, hunt down bugs during development, view historical Azure diagnostics data and more.


CloudBerry Lab is a vendor of cloud backup and file management solutions for Windows Azure Storage used by 100K+ customers worldwide. With CloudBerry Lab products users can access and utilize Windows Azure Storage the same way as any local storage device. Our new CloudBerry Drive product maps Windows Azure Storage as a network drive.


Founded in 2010 by Igor Papirov, Paraleap Technologies is a Chicago-based software company, focused on providing tools and services for cloud computing technologies. AzureWatch is Paraleap’s flagship product, designed to add dynamic scalability and monitoring to applications running on Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform.

CODE Magazine

CODE Magazine is the leading independent magazine for professional software developers. CODE Magazine covers technologies such as .NET, mobile development, Azure and more.


Zudio lets you manage your Windows Azure Storage (Blobs, Tables and Queues) through your browser, on all devices and operating systems. You can upload, download or edit data directly, and copy and paste between accounts and even data-centers using our back-end services. We are offering GWAB attendees a full six months of Zudio for free, so you can really get to grips with Windows Azure’s amazing storage services.


Stackify provides you with the tools & insights to monitor and troubleshoot your Azure based applications leveraging our simple to use platform for monitoring, performance metrics, errors, metrics, logs, remote secured access and much more.

Using Stackify you can easily and quickly find out why your application doesn't work, is slow or just acting weird to ensure your customers satisfaction. Basically Stackify helps you find the issue in the appstack.

Wintellect Now!

WintellectNOW is an on demand training solution that delivers real-world ready-to-use knowledge, tools and techniques so individuals and businesses can expertly develop software, programs, apps and more. WintellectNOW was developed for the novice to advanced technical expert with topics focused on all current technologies. WintellectNOW content is written and produced by the instructors who train Microsoft’s worldwide development teams.


Facetflow is a real-time search and analytics service for Windows Azure, powered by Elasticsearch - a distributed and horizontally scalable search engine. It lets you easily run search queries using your own domain model, or transform otherwise slow nightly reports into real-time insight for your business.


AppVeyor is Continuous Integration service for Windows developers to securely build and test code in parallel and deploy successful bits to on-premise or cloud environments. AppVeyor gives you full control over build servers while minimizing costs of hosting and maintenance of your own environment.

Prizes from our Global Sponsors

With global sponsors comes global prizes.

Nobody is going away empty handed!





1 winner at each location win a free personal license to one of JetBrain’s .NET Products or IDEs (their choice). See for a list.

Tony Smith


Every attendee gets 2 free months

1 winner at each location win a 1 year subscription

James Taylor

Blue Syntax

3 winners at each location win an Enterprise license to Enzo Cloud Backup

Bede Ngaruko

Karthikeyan Sivasamy

Shwutyng Wong


1 winner at each location win a Infragistics Ultimate License

Derek Ju


1 winner at each location wins a voucher (up to $200) for an online course.

Bill Zhang


5 winners at each location win a license to Azure Management Studio

Craig Haiden

Mark Brimble

Abhijeet Kumar

Manfred Lange

Niko Uusitalo


5 winners at each location win a license of their choice to CloudBerry Drive, Explorer Pro or Backup

Abbozzo Zh

Ikeraam Abrahams

William C.Y. Fan

Yijing Qian

Chris Pilcher


Every attendees gets 1 free month of Azure Watch


CODE Magazine

Every attendee gets a digital copy of the March/April issue of CODE Magazine

Every attendee gets 1 year free digital subscription to CODE Magazine



Every Attendee gets 6 months free



Every attendee gets 1 free license. Install it and get a TShirt sent to you.


Wintellect Now!

Every attendee gets a 2 week subscription. If they register before April 25th they can get a 50% discount.



Every attendee gets 2 free months when they sign up past the trial.



Every attendee gets 2 free months with the purchase of any plan.



5% Coupon Voucher.

Enter this code at the checkout. VklTRU8gQ0xJRU5UMTIzIDIwMTQ=


Prizes from our Local Sponsors

Microsoft have been very generous in supporting this event. The venue, food and refreshments are courtesy of Microsoft.

Thank-you to Datacom for providing t-shirts for the speakers and lab technicians.

Two impressive raffle prizes (courtesy of Microsoft) were given out at the end of the day. If you filled out your evaluation then you were in the draw.

Prize Winner
Nokia Lumia 820 phone Mike McDermott
Dell Venue Pro 8 tablet William Fan


Thank-you for filling out your evaluation forms!

Build 2014

Build 2014 is on next week (Wednesday 2nd April 2014). You can read about Build 2014 here.