Auckland Global Azure BootCamp 2017


Welcome to Global Azure Bootcamp! All around the world user groups and communities want to learn about Azure and Cloud Computing! On April 22, 2017, all communities will come together once again in the fifth great Global Azure Bootcamp event! Each user group will organize their own one day deep dive class on Azure the way they see fit and how it works for their members. The result is that thousands of people get to learn about Azure and join together online under the social hashtag #GlobalAzure! Join hundreds of other organizers to help out and be part of the experience! Check out the different locations worldwide!

Building on the exceptional success of previous years, Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 (#GlobalAzure) is a free one-day training event, taking place on the 22nd of April 2017 in several venues worldwide, driven by local Microsoft Azure community enthusiasts and experts. It consists of a day of sessions and labs based on materials from Microsoft or custom content. The event has been originally designed by 5 Microsoft Azure MVPs in order to benefit the local community members and teach essential Microsoft Azure skills and knowhow. While supported by several sponsors, including Microsoft, the event is completely independent and community-driven. Our goal is to provide the catalyst for Azure communities to grow around the world, not just for this one day, but year round.


Please ensure that you download everything BEFORE you arrive at the Bootcamp – there won’t be time to do this on the day.


All materials required for the sessions and labs can be found at

Attendees may be comfortable on how they wish to interact with the Github site, but if you are unsure we suggest the following:

  1. Click on Clone or download
  2. Click on Open in Desktop. This will download the repository to a folder on your laptop. The process also checks if you have "Git for Windows" and if not ask you if you want to download it

You may have to login using your Github account.

Using this method can be the best option because you can later "Sync" and get any late-breaking changes.

Download from GitHub


Global Windows Azure BootCamp 2017 Programme

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Wi-Fi and Ethernet

There is an Ethernet cable for all attendees.

Wi-Fi is also available for those that can not connect by cable. The credentials will be published on the wall.

Social Networking

Social Networking is encouraged! During the day it would be fun to see as much as social media coverage as possible.

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Global Azure Science Lab (Combined Lab)

One of the missions of Global Azure Bootcamp is to provide a lab that gives researchers access to large scale computing resources to help process vast quantities of data. In previous years we have tried to bring you a science lab that is both interesting and represents great research. This year is no exception, this year we bring you the stars themselves!

Galaxies are the largest single structures in the universe, which harbor almost all the known types of astronomical objects. Among these, the stars represent the building blocks since they process the gas, create new planetary systems, form black holes, and their light makes the galaxies visible to ourselves. Many galaxies form stars throughout their lifetimes, and understanding how they do so is essential to understand the processes driving galaxy formation and evolution, which effectively affect the whole universe.

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Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IT Pro Lab #1)

If you're coming in new to Azure IaaS, then the Beginner lab is for you. This takes you through the basics of getting a Linux virtual machine set up with node.js and accessible via the web.

If you're an experienced Azure user, then there are three options you could choose.

  1. Enterprise Ready Cloud. This lab takes you through how you might provide control over an Azure environment for an Enterprise, applying policy and tags to resources, and using role based access and Dev/Test labs to provide a great developer experience. See the warning above about the changes that this lab will make to your subscription - don't use a production subscription for this!
  2. Enterprise Class Networking. This lab walks you through some of the ways you can bypass Azure's default routing, implement a 3rd party firewall solution, and use Azure's load balancers.
  3. Building a resilient IaaS infrastructure. This lab takes you from an environment that has been implemented without the level of recommended resilience through to one that provides resilience. This lab has a reasonably long set of pre-requisites to set up, so if you haven't set these up before the day of the bootcamp, I'd avoid this one. You also likely won't complete the lab in the allotted time.

Making use of Cognitive Services (Developer Lab #1)

Presentation on what are cognitive services and deep dive on LUIS and QnA. Hands on build your own BOT to leverage LUIS or QnA Maker service.

Attendees will leave with an understanding of what cognitive services are available and how they might be used as well as working BOT solution and LUIS model. For those not wanting to do the full coding experience, they can use QnA Maker to create a testable FAQ BOT.

Monitoring & Security in Azure (IT Pro Lab #2)

Presentation on the various options in Azure to monitor your environment as well as ways you can make it more secure. Hands on guided tour of the OMS Experience Center and step-by-step configuration of monitoring and alerting.

Attendees will leave with an understanding of what aspects of security within Azure they are responsible for, what options are available to monitor their Azure environment and how to get notified if something goes wrong. For those without a pre-existing environment to configure for monitoring, a JSON template will be provided to set up the infrastructure.

Logic Apps and Azure Functions (Developer Lab #2)

This session will present the fundamentals of Logic Apps, Azure’s Integration Platform as a Service offering and Azure Functions, an on-demand, event driven, computing experience. Together those two technologies allow for business processes designed and implemented using a serverless approach, where developers focus on solving the business problem and the platform manages the underlying infrastructure.

At the end of this session, attendees should be able to understand the basic concepts of both technologies, having hands on experience in provisioning, developing and testing components of both technologies, as well as understanding how they complement each other.

Web Solutions, Web Apps, APIs, Xamarin, Databases, Analytics (Combined Lab)

This session will demonstrate a real world example with devs building a web site and web API, calling the web API from a Xamarin application and then illustrating how to run a little DevOps on this.

This session will give attendees insight into the end-to-end process of deploying app services to Azure.

Web Solutions, Web Apps, APIs, Xamarin, Databases, Analytics (Combined Lab)

This session will demonstrate a real world example with devs building a web site and web API, calling the web API from a Xamarin application and then illustrating how to run a little DevOps on this.

This session will give attendees insight into the end-to-end process of deploying app services to Azure.

The racing car Lab (Combined Lab)

Street curcuit car racing. Can you achieve the fastest lap?

Global Sponsors

Being a global event, we have also managed to secure some global sponsors. A short description of our major global sponsors follows:

Sponsor Description
Microsoft DX
Microsofts Global Developer Experience (DX) Community Team is pleased to be a sponsor of Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 with Azure-related community content and event catering. Event catering is limited and subject to availability; community-led Global Azure Bootcamp events may qualify for catering for up to 100 attendees. Microsoft DX Azure curriculums and content are available for use by event organizers and attendees.
ServiceBus360 is a simple cloud based platform to manage your Azure Service Bus namespaces. It provides efficient operations and monitoring capabilities on any Service Bus resource.Most often, companies focus on platform enhancements and miss out on having better management and operational tools. We observed this with BizTalk server and created BizTalk360 to address that gap. Similarly, the standard Azure portal is limited in terms of exposing the full capabilities of Service Bus. To overcome this, we developed ServiceBus360 — an advanced operations, monitoring and analytics tool focused solely to enhance the day to day working experience with Microsoft Azure Service Bus. Our goal is to make life easy for anyone who is using Azure Service Bus resources (Queues, Topics, Relays and Event Hubs).
Servicebus360 offers an extended license until September 30 for all attendees, and this for 3 namespaces, 3 alarms per namespace, 3 resources per namespace to monitor and 2 users.
Opsgility provides comprehensive online training for Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Dynamics CRM as well as a full library of on-demand Microsoft Official Curriculum for enterprise products like Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint and More.
Our online training is designed to not only assist with passing certifications but to also build core technical and business skills for adapting the cloud to meet your needs. We provide courseware for Architecture, Operations, Developers, Data Specialists, Technical and Business Decision Makers and even sales professionals.
Opsgility is offering 3 – 12 month subscriptions (per event) (after registration subscription , no cc needed) and a 30 day subscription free trial for all attendees.
CloudMonix is an Azure monitoring and automation platform.  It provides in-depth monitoring of 30+ Azure services, automated recovery of production issues , sophisticated auto-scaling, integration to many 3rd party products and much more.
Cloudmonix is offering every attendee a promotion code good for 1 full month of unlimited monitoring under the Ultimate plan..
MyGet No-hassle private package feeds. Focus on building and shipping great software.
Create NuGet feeds, npm, Bower, Maven and Vsix repositories with your own packages and those from other package sources such as, or Maven Central.
MyGet is offering a 1 year Starter license per location.
SentryOne enables Microsoft data professionals to monitor, diagnose, and optimize performance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Our software provides unparalleled awareness,insight and control over the true source of performance issues. Whether you are using Azure SQL Database for your SaaS based business, for enterprise production or for development and testing, it is important to keep it running at peak efficiency. Monitor important performance metrics, including DTU usage, so you know when it is time to provision more resources. DB Sentry provides the ability to monitor performance and manage events occurring on your system. Top SQL allows you to see the queries that have the most impact on your overall performance.
SentryOne is offering a 1 year license per location of DBSentry(formerly Performance Advisor for Azure SQL Database) + an extended eval edition of their tools for all attendees.
JetBrains makes intelligent development tools to simplify challenging tasks, automate the easy ones, and helps you develop with pleasure. Widely known for innovative .NET developer tools such as ReSharper for code analysis and refactoring in Visual Studio, dotCover for code coverage analysis, and dotTrace for performance profiling, all of which are tightly integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio.
Also the developers of Rider, a new standalone cross-platform .NET IDE that is based on our IntelliJ platform and includes all ReSharper’s code intelligence.
Jetbrains is offering a full license of choice per location.


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Microsoft Build 2017 is on next month (10-12 May 2017). You can read about Build 2017 here.